blue-palm-brewhouseIt’s an exciting time to be alive for beer connoisseurs in this country. The choices are almost mind numbing. A lot of pubs are starting to offer 100 beers or even more on tap these days. Blue Palms Brewhouse pony ups 24, plus 1 cask conditioned ale, for a total of 25 rotating taps. All of these are updated by the minute on large projection screens and include information such as the brewery, style of beer, type of glass used, ABV%, and price with the color red highlighting taps nearing the bottom of the keg. What’s offered is not your run of the mill micro brewed beers, either. This establishment put much thought into what’s spilled into your glass. Two thirds of the beers on tap I had neither seen nor sampled before.

5/6 bottle caps. Nice job guys!

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