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THE BEER MAN SHOW – Los Angeles Episode

This is a hodgepodge piece stitched together of the various places I stumbled across doing a beer tour of Los Angeles. A recurring thread tying it together is the designated driver, Dee Dee. She and I wisecrack as we roll around connecting the best watering hole dots on the map.

First dot kicks off near Olvera Street at Union Station’s LA Beer Week Beer Festival. It’s the music industry’s equivalent of Coachella. It features over 70 regional, national, and international Craft & Artisan breweries pouring a vast array of different beers, including a few offered only during LA Beer Week.

Dee Dee then schlepps me over to 38 Degrees Ale House and Grill in Alhambra to knock back the extremely difficult and very expensive to make, Pliny The Younger by Russian river Brewing Company. It’s a big deal for beer geeks, who purchase drink tickets in advance and wait in line with hundreds of others just to chug one pint during its limited seasonal distribution in the month of February.

Afterwards, we ease on down the road and I fall face flat into a homeless person named “Black.” We share a few Miller High Life’s in his makeshift cardboard home off the sidewalk of the famous Hollywood Boulevard.

Finally, we land at a packed house in downtown Los Angeles for ColLAboration Craft Beer Gardens and Events. This beer belly bulldozer was put together by four of the leading members of Los Angeles’ craft beer scene: Ryan Sweeney of Eagle Rock’s Verdugo Bar and West Hollywood’s The Surly Goat, Brian Lenzo of Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood, Clay Harding of Alhambra’s 38 Degrees Ale House, and Tony Yanow of Tony’s Dart’s Away in Burbank and Mohawk Bend of Silver Lake.

It’s a rock n’ roll beer roller coaster ride of Los Angeles. Sink one for the road… Shit-balls, make it three!




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