SCHLITZ – American Adjunct Lager

SCHLITZ – American Adjunct Lager | 4.70% ABV

imageSchlitz dates back to 1849. Although it didn’t bear the name Schlitz until the owner passed away and the brewery’s bookkeeper, Joseph Schlitz, took over in 1856. It was named “The Beer That Made Milwaulkee Famous” after sending hundreds of barrels of beer to the city of Chicago after the Great Fire of 1871. With over 1 million barrels of beer sold in 1902 Schlitz became the largest brewery in the world. Brown bottles inhibiting light from spoiling beer as quickly were first introduced by Schlitz in 1911. In 1954 it produced the first 16 oz. flat-top beer cans, then two years later the 24 oz. “Tall Boy.” With a 4.4 million barrel annual production capacity it surpassed Budweiser in 1970 and became the largest brewery in the world again. In 1982 Stroh’s acquired the the brewery, followed by Pabst Brewing Company taking over in 1999. Finally, the “Classic ’60’s Formula” that made Schlitz the top American Lager for decades was introduced in 2007.

Which brings us to now. Trying to find this stuff ain’t as easy as it used to be, but it’s my job… I do a lot of heavy lifting 12 ounces at a time, sometimes even 40. I drink tons of beer. That said, my search for the ultimate American macro lager has ended. Roll over PBR, Schlitz crushes by an avalanche. The price is cheap, but definitely not the flavor. This old school brew is done right.

Back in the day Schlitz was my baptism in the fermented waters of easy swillin’. And with respect, a nostalgic tear is shed upon gazing at the beauty of 175 years of love poured into my glass. Crack a couple while zoning on Futurama or ripping Black Sabbath on vinyl. Either way, you can’t lose. Schlitz is the epitome of average. It’s everyman’s beer. And I love it.

5/6 bottle caps. Still haven’t found the perfect swill.

But it’s out there…

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