THE BEER MAN SHOW does Telluride, CO

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This was shot with one of my favorite human beings ever, a guy named Brigham. He hired me as the sound mixer for a Jewel concert at the Historic Sheridan Opera House in Telluride, CO. He also functioned as camera operator and produced the concert to provide the Discovery Channel footage for Alaska: The Last Frontier. There’s a couple shots of us working backstage while having our picture taken with Jewel and her father, Atz Kilcher. It was ridiculously fun.

During free time Brigham documented us horsing around on his smartphone. He’s a Mormon and doesn’t go boozin’, but has more fun than anybody I know who does. I, on the other hand, drink like a fish and consequently make an ass of myself as host of THE BEER MAN SHOW. Hey, you’re welcome.

Any-who, we stumble into Telluride Brewing Company and I’m gettin’ started on a Beaver Pond Blond Ale while Brigham orders up a long, tall glass of milk. Gotta love this guy!

At the end of the clip Brigham slips into his American flag speedo and I undress to my skivvies. We then jump into an arctic cold pool under a 500 foot waterfall in the Rocky Mountains. It was insanely cold and insanely awesome and I would do it all over again. Check it out!

Beers Truly,



Telluride, CO is a quaint, picturesque town nestled 8,720 feet high in the Rocky Mountains with a population of 2,500. It was named after the mineral, Gold Telluride, which was strangely never mined in the area. Today the gold ‘mined’ is beer. There’s not one, but two microbreweries: Telluride Brewing Company and Smugglers Brewing Company.

Pinch me, am I dreaming?!

On tap you’ll find Face Down Brown Ale, Beaver Pond Blond, Whacked Out Wheat, Fishwater Project Double IPA, Knuckle Dragger EPA, and Road Rash Red – just to name a few. Telluride is truly some kind of divine intervention with the stars in perfect alignment. I mean, this whistle-stop is off…the…hook!

6/6 bottle caps to the townfolk of Telluride. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, guys!

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