THE BEER MAN SHOW is a cockeyed docu-series trekking the farthest reaches of planet earth in search of the most unconventional brews by the most bombastist brewers imaginable. One world, one love, one beer, one burp!



Introducing Goat…

HitselbergerSound Mixer/Musician/Beer Fanatic, Steven “Goat” Hitselberger, drinks like a fish everywhere he can. “Beer is the only alcholic beverage brewed everywhere. No journey is complete without a village brewer or brewery,” he enthuses. This observation inspired THE BEER MAN SHOW. Come along with Goat, the Ganster Of Ale Town, to the ends of the earth, no adventure too insane and unearth the world’s craziest brewers – and then drink all of their beer!

From reclusive hermits brewing psychotropic potions in the backwoods of Alaska, to circus sideshow freaks of the Floridian Everglades crafting suds from swamp water, Goat’s a man of mayhem surfing the chaos everywhere on the planet buzzing with all sorts of people on the same frequency unlocking the wildest beers imaginable.

Buckle up, crack a frosty cold one and enjoy the ride!!!


A Note From Goat

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away I was the guitarist in a band called LOUD SUGAR. After plugging away for 10 years we inked a record deal and got a video on MTV. So I quit my day job and plunged head first into writing, rehearsing, performing, promoting, and rolling around the country in a tour bus. Our splash with success was fleeting – but unforgettable…


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Here’s the video, “Instant Karma Coffee House.” I’m strumming guitar on top of the piano looking like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family – if he wore black tights and a psychedelic shirt! It’s good for a laugh, if nothing else.